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Introducing RandoCoin, the ERC20 token which randomly changes price about every 5 minutes. Prices will range between [0.00001, 0.01] ETH(about $0.01 to $10) per RAND. 1 RAND = 1000 randos, the smallest unit. This is an experiment powered by Smart Contracts. Do not use this for investing!

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What is this?

RandoCoin is built using Smart Contracts, which are essentially programs that run on the blockchain. Learn more about Smart Contracts here. There is 100MM RAND in supply. Every 5 minutes, the price of RAND changes randomly between $0.01 and $10 per RAND (theoretical max gain of 1000X). The price starts at $5 so there is about a 50% chance that it will go up or down after the first price change. The first price will take 250 blocks to expire, to give people more time. 1 RAND can be split into 1000 units, called randos.

Why did you build this?

This is an experiment for simulating a completely volatile token. Also, I wanted to see how to build a decent UI around Dapps that is straightforward to use.

How do I use this?

You will need an Ethereum wallet such as MetaMask, Mist, Parity or myetherwallet.com. I recommend using MetaMask since I developed the web experience around it. Here's a good video tutorial on the subject.

Who am I paying? Who is paying me?

Good question! You are paying "into the contract." The contract itself stores all the funds and transfers it to wallets via buys and sells. The only way to get money in or out of the contract is via trading RAND.

Should I invest in this? What if the contract runs out of money?

DO NOT use this as an investment vehicle, it's worse than Tether. You could easily lose your money if the price goes up significantly and everyone sells their RAND. This is meant to be an experiment on volatile coin behavior.

How does the price change automatically?

I've set up a mechanism where users are responsible for manually refreshing the price after it expires. As a reward, you will get 0.1 RAND for successfully completing this!

Where is the random variable coming from?

It's coming from a future blockhash. During the 30 block trading window, you are trading without knowing the blockhash of the future block. After you reach the future block, a user is responsible for calling maybeChangePrice().